Box : 29cm x 141cm x 12cm
Wood board : 25cm x 140cm x 20cm

When I spotted this piece of driftwood, I was on my stand up paddle watching the nearby coast. The wood was floating at the end of the paddle. It’s by bringing it back on my paddle that I had the nice surprise of its profile in the water.
I saw then a type of vessel like captain Nemo’s « Nautilus » or captain Harlock’s « Arcadia ». The wood is fixed on a floated board, presenting itself as a model or a ship’s half-hull.
The representation in section, transferred on an opaline plexiglass, reveals the propulsion machines and crew quarters and is the facing of a wooden box that includes a built-in backlight.
It was a way for me to reconnect with the sectional drawings of my former architectural projects that have always given me much pleasure. Crew people are everywhere within the building and they are a unit of reference and give a scale to the whole ship.
The driftwood becomes a sort of relic that testifies of another world, another miniature civilization.
A small driftwood picked up on the sand completes the flagship and forms its satellite vessel.