Moby Dick

Dimensions: 151cm x 50cm x 12cm

When I found this piece of wood, it was immediately the eye of the sperm whale who first looked at me. This piece of wood is really behind all my artistic approach developed in recent years: "Moby Dick" is the result of researches and sometimes fierce reflections. A few months later, I found an animal jaw to complete this splendid driftwood, then a lichen stone and most recently, a shell fragment.
The incrustation of this shell, in the shape of a top or a propeller, in the hollow wooden node completes the illustration of the cetacean’s propulsion. The stone for its part, recalls historical background, hunting grounds and mystery of the great sperm whale.
The whole group of materials such as wood, bone, stone and shell were all picked up by the seaside.
This marriage of fundamental elements is reminiscent of an artistic approach to the Native American culture. This piece is particularly inspired byYupik art.

The whole piece is based on an imposing piece of railway crossing which has also stayed at sea.