The Cicada's Revenge

Dimensions : 43cm x 20cm x 20cm

I had the chance to meet some flying fishes during some trips at sea. The Exocet has both aerodynamic and hydrodynamic qualities that fascinate me to the highest point: this marriage between the aquatic world and aviation reminds me in particular the fantastic seaplanes in the Schneider Cups of the 30s. A fishing lure failed on the sand prompted, initially, the construction of this piece.

The cicada is a little bit the emblem of the « Provence Côte d’Azur » region. I was told that the hornets were cutting the cicadas' heads and it was one day, on the way to the beach, that I found and picked up a cicada carcass. The desire to revive this empty shell, savagely abandoned by a hornet, immediately awakened my mind as if to avenge the singing insect, which, supposedly, would hardly care about its future.

The story could be told as follows: "Proudly wearing the skin of the cicada, a heroic pilot rides an exocet. He transports the now blessed through mountains and wonders. Together, they escape the hornet, the air pirate always on the lookout ... and celebrate the song of the cicada, true hymn of the beautiful sunny and warm days on the Cote d'Azur.

It's a bit like the summer that goes on ... and the three Pin-Up in bikinis, below the cliff, are there, getting tanned...