Moon Face

Dimensions : 33cm x 07cm x 07cm

When I saw this strange stone lying on the sand, I was intrigued but did not interrupt my path. Then, as usual, I turned around and picked it up. I found it then strangely light. While drilling it to fix it on its steel rod, I found at its center a strange material that was similar to wax, soap or some plant resin.
The shape of this pebble reminded me of some representations of early faces or a kind of Spartan helmet.
It was in Thailand last year, from reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville, that I suddenly became aware of the object’s matter: it was ambergris.
My fascination was at its height: a sort of gallstone, this piece was shaped in and by the bowels of a sperm whale or a big dolphin. It’s sometimes possible to see some of these animals off the peninsula and islands of Porquerolles.

These islands are one of the three cornerstones of the Pelagos sanctuary: different species of fish and pelagic mammals share this 87,500 square kilometre maritime area. This sanctuary is the subject of an agreement between Italy, Monaco and France for the protection of marine mammals.