Voyeurs’ Nest

Dimensions : 85cm x 70cm x 35cm

A hollyhock root is anchored on a well-drifted piece of olive wood.
Such as the branches of a holy crown dismantled by some builder birds, twigs come to embrace the rose trunk and become instruments of the Passion. Three balls of Posidonia are curled up in this entanglement and, opened like shells and sheltering a few miniature couples, they are revealing their naughty scenes. Under the roots of the Biblical styled bonsai tree, a group of monks are taking refuge. They guarantee good moral and it’s a little bit like in « Au nom de la Rose ». Six in number, these Franciscan monks take shelter in the shade of the bawdy, the obscene and true rosebush and show themselves like the three monkeys: a first who does not want to see, a second who does not want to hear and the third who does not want to say anything. The monk who prays, the one who reads and finally, the one who drinks come to complete this religious college.
The driftwood pieces were picked up in Stand Up Paddle in little coves of Giens peninsula. Sun-drenched, beaten by the strong winds, the roses branches come from the cape of « L’Ésterel ». The whole piece is mobile on its central axis and the base is made of a red cedar wood board. Two magnifiers, themselves mobile, mounted on articulated arms, assist the spectator so that he may take advantage of all the possible angles of these scenes.
The silhouette of this piece is an ode to nature but « Des nids de Voyeurs » also plays, on a more refined scale, both on the words and the evils of human nature. It’s in the tree, climbing the eye that the viewer is, not without a smile, the voyeur of a venerable hymn to love.