The Shrimp

Dimensions : 90cm x 145cm x 07cm

Mid artwork, mid sculpture, « The Shrimp » illustrates the necessary ability, in my work, to adapt to the gifts offered by the sea every year. The 2016 / 2017 winter was particularly poor in strong storms and few beautiful sized driftwood were carried to the coves. One of them, however, not far from the Esterel cape, is full of floating pine driftwoods. This new abundance of small pieces of wood made me very enthusiastic: these polished barks looked very much like bones.
Directly in the sand of that creek, I did assemble the first elements of the head of a prehistoric fish and a first wood fossil appeared. Its spine and vertebrae consist of pine cone scales, its edges and its fins of palm tree fibers. Faithful to this initial sketch operated on the beach, the whole piece, at the workshop, was lined with sand of the peninsula like a part of the beach. A frightened shrimp, smaller in size than its predator, gives its name to the composition.
Like the "Guetteur", I often like to name my pieces by a subject that is not the first thing visible and invite the viewer to come and look at the creation more closely.

« The Shrimp » is, the first piece of an upcoming collection declined under the name of « SEALEX ».