The Apache

Dimensions : 156cm x 202cm x 10cm

This artwork-sculpture is essentially composed with collected pieces of a shipwreck that happened after great storms on Giens peninsula in 2014. These pieces come from one ship in particular that had been abandoned and wreck on « La Badine » beach not far from the studio.
Most of the elements have been brought back on my Stand Up Paddle, an easier way to join the cove of the wreck.
No piece of the Apache has been reprofiled, subject to cuts, or even paint added colours. The copper nails themselves remain stuck in the boards that represent the feathers.
It’s the way of thinking that I have adopted since the beginning to make this piece: the idea here consists to associate the untouched wood pieces to crate the savage’s face.
The wood, at first tree, becomes boat and then artwork: it may be the story of a third life beginning. To assemble all the different pieces, wood dices are glued on the back and threaded rods with nuts pass trough them to secure the entire piece. A fluorescent orange plastic piece picked up on the adjacent beach of the wreck come to perfect the eye of the apache, sharpening his eye like an arrow.